Every so often, we tend to come up with a "brilliant" idea. The difference being most never ever follow through.


Well, my team and I have done the complete opposite with our thought process, understanding that there's never been a (real Gold or Platinum) precious metals record plaque ever made. So Next Level, let's make one and present it to the global market!



As a Music Executive who does his research, since 1958 and the manufacturing  of the very 1st Gold RIAA Record Award, no one has ever made an award that included real Gold, Platinum or Diamonds.

That got the ball rolling for us to be the very first to do so. Since then, I've spoken with artist's & producers alike who said if it could be done, they would love to own one.  



Since my days as a record label rep., and touring with artist like Das EFX, Usher, Toni Braxton, and Outkast, I have nurtured some very healthy and successful relationships


Two of which, are with Andre' 3000 and "Krazy Drazy" of Das EFX. With the official launch of this exquisite and valuable line of plaques, the media campaign is already in place

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