In the world of investing, precious metal prices usually increase alongside inflation meaning inflation does not reduce the value of there in. Inflation does lower the value of the US Dollar (and most world currencies), meaning it

gradually takes more money to buy the same thing. We here at Next Level Pure Gold And Platinum Records, understand that Precious Metal prices usually adjust for inflation. This means your 

one ounce of gold can still buy pretty much the same quality and

quantity of things it could buy over 100 years ago.

Samantha Jones
Project Manager
Eric M. Tavares
Founder and C.E.O.

Eric M. Tavares is the successful Owner and Founder of Parent Company - Next Level Gold And Platinum Records, which  launched in the black in 2010. 

Samantha Jones is our newly appointed Project Manager, who just graduated from Stanford University recently. She is definitely a bright addition to the Next Level team.

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing
Phil Brewster 
Engineer/Film Marketing

Ms. Kim Bailey is a complete success story presently unfolding as we speak. She has recently been brought on as the official V.P. of Marketing, and we expect nothing but continued success. 

Phil Brewster is a natural fit, who just happens to have an engineering background as well. The positive energy he brings to the company is truly contagious, and he also works with Universal.

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