We are certainly honored to work with some of the top record labels, producers, recording artists and engineers in the music industry. With our new line of Pure Gold, Platinum and Real Diamond Record Plaques, we look forward to manifesting healthy relationships with a whole new elite line of global clientele.                                                                          ~ Owner I Eric M. Tavares

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“I have been knowing Eric Tavares since we toured together over 25 years ago, and he's always had our BEST interest at heart. I look forward to launching our Pure Platinum Signature Series Plaques with Next Level.”  ~ Krazy Andre' Drayz - Das EFX

Andre' Weston, Artist - Das EFX

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To anyone allowed to view this site before the official launch of Next Level Pure Gold And Platinum Records,

there is a (Right of Privacy)  and (Code of Conduct) Act attached to the information and contents on this website. Anyone who violates the (IPP - Information Protection Principle) Code will be subject to a civil suit by Eric M. Tavares and

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