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Until now, record plaque awards have always been mainly a representation of success as it relates to -- sales in the music industry. They have undoubtedly been aesthetic & pleasing to the eye, but have never been viewed as an asset to one's portfolio. Well we here at Next Level decided to change

that train of thought...and unveil a line of real Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards that

will carry long lasting monumental value. So now it's easier to diversify

your portfolio, and add to your musical LEGACY.

Beyonce - Sasha Fierce Mult-Platinum Lay

Our Beyonce Multi-Pure Platinum - "Sasha Fierce" record plaque award and layouts like it, are customized with the handsome and beautiful 1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar or your (favorite coins) embedded into the matte. For true (coin collectors), this is a very exciting way to display your favorite limited coin collection! It's not only exquisite in appearance, but immediately adds a level of value and beauty that has *never been achieved in the music industry.

Outkast - Speakerboxx The Love Below Rec

This Pure Gold and Platinum Outkast - "Speakerboxx/The Love Below" style double record plaque award, shares the added value of having both the (1 oz pure Gold Valcambi Bar & 1 oz pure Platinum Valcambi Bar) embedded into the layout uniquely together. Plaques that we customize like these for our clients, immediately become an industry commodity, each having their own serial number and are insured for the clients safe and secure delivery.

Bruce Springsteen NEW Gold 20 x 24 Layou

This Bruce Springsteen Pure Gold - "Working On A Dream" style record plaque and layouts similar to it, can be customized with the handsome and beautiful 1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar and/or (favorite coins) embedded into the matte as well. or have the 1 oz. bar melted down and embedded in the center of the record with the Next Level seal of approval ingrained. It's not only elegant in appearance, but immediately adds a level of value and beauty that has *never been achieved in the recording industry.

Alicia Keys NEW Elements  24 x 24 Platin

Our Alicia Keys - "The Element of Freedom" Pure Platinum - " record plaque award is personal to me since I've met Alicia. Styles and layouts like it, can also be customized with the handsome 1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar and/or your (favorite coins) embedded into the matte. Our initial line of pure platinum plaques will be geared towards 1 oz. platinum bar layouts, or have the 1 oz. bar melted down and embedded in the center of the record with the Next Level seal of approval ingrained. Once again, adding an exquisitely beautiful investment to your portfolio that has *never been available to the market.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous Multi-Pure P

Need we say more about the level of excitement surrounding the  Michael Jackson Multi-Pure Platinum - "Thriller" record plaque and similar styles like it. As the initial unveiling of the 1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar design becomes available, in the interim  we will be working to cast a solid (vinyl record, cd and/or cassette) style format of coated gold and platinum record plaques. We realize that these kinds of designs will ultimately change the buying habits of artist's / musicians / producers / and fans alike globally. "Welcome To The Next Level..."

Usher Confessions Diamond Mock-Up 20x24A

To our future investors and clientele alike. we've come to the marquee level of layouts with this

Usher Real Diamond - "Confessions" record plaque award and designs like it. Our vision includes embedding real diamond settings into official certified Diamond selling plaque awards. Leading into this, is the understanding that these kind of awards will be a first and will revolutionize the recording industry.  We certainly anticipate a very aggressive level of interest and custom orders globally and abroad. 

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Ultimately, my ability to  tour with Music Icons such as Usher, Outkast, Toni Braxton, and the Wu-Tang Clan, has afforded me the luxury of building some very healthy & successful relationships personally.  With the official launch of Next Level Pure Gold And Platinum Records, we anticipate continued success as well as initiating the same level of liaisons in the future. Thank you in advance for your greeted support, and "Welcome To The Next Level...".


Owner I CEO ~ Eric M. Tavares I Next Level

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